New Year’s important resolution – farm succession plan
New Year’s important resolution – farm succession plan
Do something this year about passing on the farm before it is too late. Get started with a good succession plan. 5 points on farm succession and whether to hand down  debt as part of the plan.
  1. Don’t involve an external lender ( eg bank) in your succession plan.
  2. There is nothing clever about handing down bank debt for your children to deal with.
  3. Add fire, flood, drought, price drop or illness and chances are they will lose the farm.
  4. Greg Bloomfield Agribusiness Consultants  have dedicated Farm Debt Consultants who can help your farm transfers without external debt and make both generations happy.
  5. GBAC takes the family friction out of succession plans, satisfies all parties.
Call Greg Bloomfield now to chat on  0428 417 496 Enjoy HI ( Human Intelligence) rather than the AI ( Artificial Intelligence) the bank uses to grant loans.

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