We understand what turns our clients into interesting prospects for the banks, RIC.  Our expert banking consultants work with you as a team. Your farm loan application is made appealing to as many lenders as possible. 


Tailored to the farm

We help you turn it into a loan contract that offers great interest rates and repayment terms. It needs to be tailored to your farm enterprise for long-term sustainability. It must protect your most valuable asset, the farm and your future.

Interest rate


The best time to manage a loan crisis is before it becomes a crisis. The next best time is now. 


Our experienced farm loan consultants work at negotiating with the bank, in or outside mediation, together with you to take charge of your finances so that you are back in control.


We will assist you to give you the very best shot at refinance.
We will ask all likely refinancers.
That will produce profitable results.

research and analysis

GBAC assesses and measures your debt servicing ability, banking relationship, loan management and contract compliance.
We steer you through the tough times.

debt restructure

We will use our expertise to restructure your debt.
Aim for a positive turnaround to your farming operations.
Making it  irresistible for any bank considering your refinance. 


loan broker

We work hard on solutions and have never suggest bankruptcy.  Our Prime aim right at the start is to prevent foreclosure and find the best solutions to fix loan defaults. With purpose-driven interactions and conversations with the bank on compliance, most clients discover they have more options than first thought.

negotiate and refinance
farm debt mediation

GBAC's unique tools and strategies will serve up facts , orchestrate moments, arguments and insights so that your side of the story is dominant and corrects the power imbalance. This forces the bankers to reconsider how valid their own arguments have actually been when they are deciding what sort of settlement they will finally accept

Farmers broker

Debt forgiveness is the result of hard and harrowing debt mediations. This opens up more options to refinance and restructure. The much reduced debt will better serve the future of the farm and save your most important asset. Getting the mix right will set you on the road to success and a more profitable farming operation. 


  A succession plan is something every farm owner should consider, for without it there are almost certain to be arguments and tears in later years. Wills can be easily challenged in court and the whole asset may even be consumed by legal fees.


Current owner goals are paramount
Protect the farm at all costs
Think carefully about future ownership


Examine goals of each party involved.
Check out the implications of each strategy.
Choose the most financially beneficial course of action.


Tradition and family engagement
Retention of Enterprise

financing the plan

 Consider the options
Creative solutions with minimim risk.
External lenders not always desirable.

Debts Problems Resolved
Years of experience


Thank you for all your help and support during this very trying time for us, we could not be happier with the outcome.We thank our lucky stars that we found you via Google - it was a gamble for us but it certainly worked. We are certain that we will come across people needing your services and will of course refer them.

Silvia and Angus 2020

Good morning Greg

Richard and I were so very fortunate to have found you on the Website. Our family had four weeks to leave our farm and everything we owned. From day one of our email communications we knew you were thorough. You stood up to our bank .....You picked us up during our lowest points and depths of despair.... You felt how we felt through the whole six months....Your strength in your writing and reporting allowed us to ‘BEAT THE BANK’… and we’ve never met you in person. Sincerely thank you for the work that you did, and the tools you gave us to move positively forward in life. We will be indebted to you until the day Rick and I retire.

Joan WA Wheat belt

Thanks for your recent assistance in taking on the banks and successfully negotiating a very positive result for my client. Without your specialist knowledge on bank debts and your skills at research and negotiation, our clients would have undoubtedly lost their home and their business. We were all impressed to have won the showdown with the bank and its high-powered lawyers. How nice to see the bank write off in excess of $400,000 and the home saved. Our clients are most grateful. Thank you again.
Robert CPA Sydney NSW

Thanks to GBAC helping us successfully fight off the bank and avoid certain bankruptcy we are now home owners once again. GBAC are the ultimate professionals in their field and truly care for their clients. We will be forever in their debt and would most definitely recommend their services to anyone facing challenges with their bank..

Bernadette and Tim

Dear Greg

Thank you so much ......I can't begin to express how grateful we are to you...I still can't believe it after 7 years before finding you. Thank you again

Erica Melbourne VIC

Thanks Greg - It was such a great turn around you helped us achieve for Mum and Dad.

Melissa Western NSW