Bank dispute resolution
Bank dispute resolution

Fake bank dispute resolution solutions.

John Collett in SMH Money 24 January 2024 highlights problems with 100,000 complaints to AFCA. Australia’s Fake Complaints Authority. This free bank dispute resolution service is an industry internal complaints body, provided by the banking industry, for their own benefit. It is a FAKE, in pretending to be a “Government  Authority”. Hoping to get your bank disputes resolved by a shop front with no teeth can leave you feeling disappointed.

Government owned banks.

Get a fair go from dishonest banks. Contact a genuine bank loan and bank debt consultant like  GBAC. In addition, those taken down by their bank may want government control of banks for a fair banking industry like Australia had before de-regulation  in 1987. Bankwatch can help you persuade Federal Parliament to re-introduce government owned banks to provide honest competition.

Bank dispute resolution trends.

Australia cannot afford to have one farm per week foreclosed on and sold up or nearly 100 a year sent to Farm Debt Mediation. Thousands of small to medium sized family farms are tricked into unaffordable loans.  Moreover, unaffordable loans can result in  receivers appointed, assets stripped and sold off.

Resolving bank disputes.

It is no good expecting free advice from the banking industry to make the banks pay up for the damage to their customers. GBAC can provide good farm debt consultants to help write off interest-inflated debt caused by dishonest bank practices.

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