Farm Finance Risk
Farm Finance Risk

Farm finance risk

Poor farm finances can risk losing the family farm because your bank has grown tired of and wants to foreclose on you. Farming being seasonal can result in financial hardship. It is important to consider this when managing your finances.

Cell grazing and farm finances

Cell grazing works well for your pastures, so why not apply it to your farm mortgage finances. Staying with your existing bank through tough times can eat away most of the original goodwill. Think of lenders as cells. Have a good relationship with one and then move on before it sours completely.

Farm finance borrowing

Refinance wisely. Borrow Better can check out fresh lenders to see which offer the best loan for you. Over-patronising one bank can damage your farm finances. Like overgrazing damages your paddock. Preparing a good loan application is the key to success. It places you in a better position and makes your operation attractive to the lender. You are then in a position to pick and choose from a number of offers made from different lenders. Knowing the right fit for your operation is the key.

Independent of bank commission

GBAC farm debt consultants are not paid by the bank like brokers are to deliver you to them for bank profits. GBAC combines its own 4th gen. farming experience, accounting, tax and economics qualifications with a passion of fairness for farmers.  

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